How to Become a Day Trader

Follow my journey on becoming a day trader and learn the exact steps I’m taking to make it happen.

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Hi I’m Tyler Stokes

Welcome to, where I document my journey from affiliate marketer to aspiring day trader.

Approaching 40, I’m driven to master a new skill before my 50th birthday.

When I asked myself:

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?..

The answer was day trade!

A Step by Step Guide to Day Trading Success

StokesTrades is more than a personal diary. It’s an evolving guide for fellow beginners. I’ll share every step of my day trading journey from initial struggles to breakthroughs. My goal is to create a valuable resource for others on the same path.

My philosophy is grounded in the understanding that day trading success isn’t an overnight achievement. It’s known that real success takes more than a couple of years.

It’s about learning, practicing with fake money, and then moving to real trades. I’m not looking for quick wins, but lasting achievement.

Technical Analysis

Chart your path in day trading with key market insights.

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Trading Strategies

Build your success with beginner-friendly tactics.

Trading Psychology

Cultivate a winning mindset for market resilience.

Resources & Tools

Find the tools and resources you should be using as a beginner.

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